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My Style

My absolute favorite genre to shoot is artistic nudes. I also have a small but growing collection of pretty lingerie that I love to shoot in. 

I am a rope bottom and I enjoy being photographed in rope bondage, either on the ground or in suspension. 

I will occasionally model for more erotic or fetish-themed shoots if I have good chemistry with the photographer. If this is something you are seeking from me, please feel free to reach out. I will be happy to discuss my limits in more detail. 

I am NOT interested in being in any adult films.


My Look

I am 5'2", measurements are 30"/25"/35". My shoe size is usually 7 or 8.

My hair is very short and naturally dark brown. I dye my hair relatively often, usually an unnatural color like purple or blue.

I have several tattoos and pierced nipples. 

My Rates
I negotiate prices for each project individually. My rates depend on factors such as travel, length of the shoot, and what type of content I'll be modeling. 

I am happy to travel! Most of my work is done away from my home city. I do expect payment to go towards my travel costs if you ask me to come to you. 


I am open to unpaid (trade) shoots, however I must see the project as a true artistic and creative collaboration.


Please contact me for further details.

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